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Keeping Weight Off

In terms of keeping weight off once you've lost it, one of the key factors is the level of control you have over your eating habits this is referred to as your level of dietary disinheriting. Simply put, if you are one of those people who turns to high fat or high sugar foods when you're tired or under stress, you probably have a higher level of dietary disinheriting. And for you unfortunately, this means you are also more likely to re gain the weight you have worked so hard to lose.

If this sounds like you it is wise to plan ahead to reduce the likelihood that you will fall off the weight loss wagon and go down the path to obesity which you do not want.

SEO Keep the low fat meals in the freezer, so you have got something quick and easy to prepare on the days that you come home from work too tired to make meals- this way you will be less likely to pick up the phone and order a pizza or go down and order some un healthy fast food from your local burger shop which is a big no, no. .

If you know that you tend to crave a little pick me up style meal to nibble on during the day, keep a supply of almonds healthy nuts in your desk drawer to nibble on. You'll be less inclined to dip into the unhealthy biscuit jar for something sweet if you've had a high protein snack. You will be pleased to know that the longer you maintain your weight loss, the easier it gets. If you have maintained your new and slimmer self for a couple of years. The chances are markedly reduced that you will gain the weight back, and after about 4-5years it gets even easier and the weight will stay off.




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