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 Looking to loose weight

Are you looking to lose weight  and also keep it off for good.  For most people it seems like a on going struggle that you can never defeat, so here at slimmers we have  put together some proven tips to help you on your journey to slimming down.

Firstly rest assured that you're in good environment and company, research that's been conducted since the 80's has shown that Americans are progressively getting heavier, and that around two thirds of us are currently overweight or even obese. So their is a good chance you have got a friend in the same position as you, why not join forces to keep each other on a group work plan. Even if you only decrease your weight by 5% to 10%, you will have significantly reduced your risk of developing heart disease, diabetes or having a heart attack..

For that extra motivation check out the strategies of others who you know who have succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off for the long run, networking about successful ways to loose weight and talking to other who are interested in loosing weight is one of the most effective ways of keeping the weight off.




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