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So, here are some secrets of slimmers that work successfully, as found by successful research and analysis, you may be dumbfounded at how easily some of these steps can be incorporated into your daily routine

Step One. Involves combining both your diets and exercise is your best bet: Statistics show that around 10% of people in the USA lost their weight through diet alone which you may find astonishing,  only 1% slimmed down by simply increasing their exercise levels.

Step Two. Turn off the computer or plasma, television and get out and start moving: Researchers from across the USA recommend that if you're looking to lose weight you should aim to get about an 1 hour each day of exercising such as brisk walking.

Step Three. Reduce your energy intake: As you'd probably expect, most of the people on weight loss programs followed a low calorie, low fat diet. So put down that packet of chips, and reach for a piece of fruit instead.

Step Four. Follow the same routine on your weight loss challenge, If you are the type of people who eats healthy food all week, and then east poor and un healthy foods on the weekend, you might want to re think your weight loss strategy. Those who followed a consistent eating plan all week long and didn't slack off over the holidays periods such as thanks giving or Christmas time where it is socially acceptable to over indulge on the un healthy foods  are 1.5-2 times more likely to maintain their weight loss than those who dieted in fits and starts. By allowing more flexibility in your diet you may also open yourself up to more opportunities to temptation, if you are strict and precise with your diet you will loose the weight and keep it off.

Step Five. Eating the first meal of the day breakfast One of the characteristics of people on most diets is that they regularly eat breakfast - most commonly cereal followed with some low fat yogurt and fruit its a good meal to start the day on and a defiant wise choice, since eating a breakfast like this helps to top up your fibre intake levels, which in turn helps you feel full for a longer period thought the day, and thus decreases the likelihood you'll succumb to a mid-morning snack such as chips or any other un healthy foods.

Step Six. Weigh yourself regularly,  three quarters of successful slimmers from their diets weigh themselves at least once a week. By weighing themselves regularly, this makes you notice small shifts in your weight and initiate corrective measures when necessary.

Step Seven. Steer clear of fast food: One characteristics of people on the diets is that they eat less than one fast food meal a week. So, if you're eating on the run, now you've got even more reason to choose something light and tasty like a low fat sandwich or a salad instead of that un healthy burger with fries.





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